Meet Our Imperity Strategic Partner Firms

Imperity Strategics Partners are not merely collaborators; they are the backbone, the stakeholders vested with ownership who navigate the firm's course alongside our founders. 

As owners, they bear a unique responsibility, one that extends beyond the confines of traditional partnerships. Together, they form a cohesive force dedicated to delivering comprehensive support to clients and advisor colleagues alike. Their shared commitment goes beyond profit margins; it encompasses a vision of sustained growth and excellence in service provision. 

They recognize that their role isn't just about individual success, but about fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation that elevates the entire firm.

In the intricate world of financial services, strategic partners embody a multi-faceted approach to client and advisor support. Their Influence permeates every aspect of the firm's operations, from devising overarching strategies to executing client-centric solutions. 

Through their ownership, they imbue the organization with a sense of purpose and accountability, ensuring that every decision aligns with the collective mission. Their stewardship extends beyond conventional boundaries, as they actively engage with clients and advisors to understand evolving needs and market dynamics. Together, they form a dynamic alliance, united by shared vision of empowering both clients and colleagues to acheive their financial aspirations. 

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We are a financial consulting & brokerage firm on a mission to help organizations & individuals.

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We’re an independent practice serving the diverse needs of clients like you: individuals, families, and business owners. We believe in creating relationships that are built to last. Integrity and trust matter, and they’re at the core of everything we do. We’ll work diligently to understand what you need—then develop the right strategy to make it happen.

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With over over 3 decades of experience in Financial Services, Michael Vincent Hunt, CPA® has experience in insurance & protection, asset management & trading and retirement & legacy planning using tax efficient strategies. 

We get to know our clients, their goals and objectives, and work with them to create a plan to achieve these within their time horizons.

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