Client Experience Team

Meet Our Client Experience Team

Each client engagement is meaningful, built on genuine care and connection.

Our Process

Our clients come first.

The beating heart of our bustling financial services firm, our client experience team is driven by a singular mission: to simplify and enrich the lives of our clients.

Our History

Dedication to excellence.

With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we thrive on transforming complexity into clarity, ensuring every step of our clients' journey is marked by ease and empowerment.

Care and connection are key.
In an increasingly impersonal world, we understand the
paramount importance of maintaining a human connection.
Beyond numbers and transactions, we prioritize empathy,
understanding, and trust in every interaction.

Forging the bond.
Each client engagement is not a transaction but a
meaningful exchange, grounded in genuine care and
connection. It's this personal touch that sets up apart,
forging bonds that transcend the financial realm and
enrich lives in profound ways

Samantha A. Hubbard

Samantha A. Hubbard

Director of Business Development 
(800) 203-2702

Brian J. DiDominica

Brian J. DiDominica

Financial Planning Associate 
(800) 203-2702

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