Douglas A. DiDominica

Founding Partner

Doug DiDominica credits everything he has learned – and earned – in life to the crucible of entrepreneurship. As the son of parents who grew a small roadside flower stand into a multi-million-dollar retail enterprise, Doug bore witness to both the rewards of discipline and hard work and the challenges and pressures - both expected and otherwise - that must be delicately balanced to find long-term success as a business owner. Doug began his career as a financial advisor in 1996. 

Always eager for the next professional challenge, Doug accepted an opportunity to leverage his leadership skills as the head of a team of talented advisors in the metropolitan New York and New England regions at a Fortune 500 financial services firm. Doug excelled in his new role and enjoyed coaching advisors through launching their own practices. He ultimately rose to a position in which he led more than 400 advisors across 14 states throughout his 16-year tenure.

In 2023, Doug returned to his entrepreneurial roots and founded Imperity. Since he began his career, Doug has coached and helped launch hundreds of financial professionals’ practices. His inspiration for Imperity was to continue that tradition while providing fellow advisors with a partner firm that could support their need for independence while still providing the culture, coaching, and camaraderie that is so often missing after an advisor chooses an independent path for their business.

Doug’s experience as a financial advisor, team leader, and entrepreneur enables him to serve the unique needs of business owners and has given him a deep understanding of the trials and tribulations his clients face. He’s energized by the opportunity to help these fellow entrepreneurs, who, like his father, strive to create a better life for their families, executives, and employees.

Outside the office, Doug is a dedicated father of six and a proud grandfather of two. He is an avid hockey player/coach, outdoorsman, and community advocate. He resides in the waterfront hamlet of Massapequa, NY, with his wonderful wife, Kristin, their four youngest sons, and their beloved dog, Rudy.


Joseph W. Principe, AIF®, CLF®

Founding Partner

Joe’s professional journey is guided by a single core tenet: details matter.

Born into an entrepreneurial family, Joe had the privilege of learning from his mother, who started and ran multiple successful businesses, and his father, who carved a niche as an independent insurance and pension consultant before ultimately finding his calling as an educator. His parents’ dedication to their work demonstrated that an entrepreneurial mindset, the desire to help others, and a tireless commitment to your craft combine to create endless opportunities and allow you to control the most important thing of all – your own future.

Joe followed the family tradition and set up his first business – a tech consultancy – at the age of 16. A natural problem solver who was enamored by the rapid evolution of the tech industry during the 1980s and 1990s, Joe took on troubleshooting and optimization projects for local small businesses and families. He earned a degree at Hofstra University and earned numerous industry designations and certifications while continuing to build his business, but despite his early success, Joe felt a calling to help others on a deeper level. Seeing an opportunity to apply the same engineering skills he had mastered to a field that would allow him to help fellow entrepreneurs and their families on a far greater scale, he followed his father’s example and made the bold decision to pursue a career in financial services.

Joe’s background proved to be an ideal foundation for his new career. As an advisor, he was able to focus on curating entrepreneurially minded clients and leverage his experience as a business owner to help address their unique needs. He realized that the same consistent and detailed application of goal-oriented workflows and process-based systems that he had utilized as an engineer had the potential to drive exceptional outcomes for both his clients and his advisor colleagues.

Nearly two decades after entering the financial services field, beginning with an independent broker-dealer and continuing through more than 15 years of operational and sales leadership of a Fortune 500 firm’s New York City-based team, Joe has helped hundreds of clients and colleagues achieve their financial and professional goals. As a founding partner of Imperity, he approaches each day with a singular mission: to help his clients and colleagues live that same principle he learned from his parents so many years ago, and to control what they can – their future.

Outside the office, Joe is an avid boater, a PADI-certified open-water diver, and a better fisherman than captain. In the colder months, he enjoys skiing, playing hockey, and tinkering with new technology. As a year-round resident of the beachside community of Long Beach, NY, he’s happiest when he’s on the water (whether it’s liquid or frozen) with his wonderful wife, Stephany (a successful psychologist…and he’s heard all the jokes) and their young son Jake, who attends East Elementary School but has somehow managed to obtain a Ph.D. in negotiation.